Questionnaires are of crucial importance when it comes to collecting primary data for writing a research paper or dissertation. Questionnaires are the most widely used instruments for the collection of primary data as they can help gather information from a very large group of people. Therefore it is very important for a researcher to prepare a questionnaire that helps him to collect constructive, helpful and accurate data on which his research can be based. The dissertation topic, target audience, method of reaching the target audience etc. have to be kept in mind while designing a questionnaire.

A good questionnaire can be easily prepared by following certain basic rules. First of all the researcher has to decide upon the basic dissertation question, which will form a base for other questions in the questionnaire. Researcher will have to decide upon what information he lacks, which is important for him to reach to the conclusion of the research. Once he is able to find that he can easily formulate questions that can get him the desired results.

The next step is to decide upon the target audience, who will answer the questionnaire and thus help in collecting data for the dissertation. It is very important to decide upon the target audience in order to gain correct information as the desired information cannot be acquired from everyone. It is very important to include a brief summary that explains the importance of your research, in your questionnaire. This will make the research look authentic and people will readily give information. The questions included in the research need to be clear so that the target audience can understand them properly. It is advisable that the questionnaire should be a close ended one so that it becomes easy to calculate the answers.

At the same time if the researcher needs detailed description of any topic that he should add a descriptive question to the questionnaire. If all these steps are kept in mind then it will become very easy for a research to create an apt questionnaire for the dissertation writing.

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